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Who is CPS?

The Center for Pet Safety is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit research and consumer advocacy organization dedicated to companion animal and consumer safety.
      • The Center for Pet Safety is an independent safety science entity leading a unique mission for companion animals and their owners.
      • Founded in 2011, our organization was developed after 8 years of pet product industry and consumer research.
What do we do?
Using scientific testing, we study pet products and author safety standards to measure whether pet products provide the level of safety claimed by advocates and intended by the manufacturer.
  • We conduct rigorous crash testing on commonly available pet safety products using realistic, specially designed, crash test dogs.
  • We conduct other scientific testing on other pet products to examine impacts to your pet’s health, safety and welfare.
  • We collect product complaints from pet owners and follow up in the consumer interest to effect positive change in the pet products industry.
  • We counsel pet products manufacturers who are working to improve their products and embrace scientific testing methodologies.
  • We have developed the Center for Pet Safety Certified Program for pet owners who want only the best products for their pets.
  • We work for you – because we know you love your pets and you don’t want to have to worry about their safety.
  • We do not use live animals in our crash testing.
  • We are not affiliated with the pet product industry.
  • We do not endorse products.
Why we do what we do….
      • If a pet travel product fails in an automobile accident, not only can the pet be injured or killed, but the human passengers are also be at risk for injury or death.
      • In the US there are no performance standards or test protocols for many classes of pet product.
      • Manufacturers are not required to test products before going to market for most classes of pet product.
      • There is no oversight agent for the pet product industry outside of the FDA, EPA and USDA for consumable products (food and treats) and pharmaceuticals.  They have gone on record stating that reduced government funding prevents them from adequate oversight.
      • Some manufacturers claim to test their products, but with the absence of test standards, these claims cannot be substantiated.