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Crash Test Dog Licensing Agreement

Manufacturers who have a travel safety product that requires testing are encouraged to contact CPS to learn more about the crash test dog licensing program.

Why test your travel safety product?
Through our research, CPS has discovered that many pet restraints and other pet travel products are not tested before going to market – the poor performance speaks for itself. Our studies reveal a very high failure rate of pet travel products and few of the products tested have been deemed safe enough to protect the dog and the humans in the event of an accident.

We encourage pet product manufacturers to test their harnesses, crates and other travel equipment as part of their efforts to ensure that consumers and their pets are offered effective, measurable protection by these safety devices.

In the future, CPS will be purchasing off the shelf, evaluating product performance and holding manufacturers accountable to their marketing claims. If you choose not to test, CPS recommends you change the name of your safety harness to “distracted driving tether” to help ensure that crash protection is not implied to the consumer. Additionally, several manufacturers support the CPS mission and will vie for certification in the future.  They will have a competitive edge over your untested product.

To further our mission of supporting consumer and companion animal safety, we are allowing pet product manufacturers the use of our proprietary, instrumented and weighted crash test and static dog models for product testing of pet travel products through a licensing agreement.  (The use of CPS’ specialty fixturing is also available as part of this licensing agreement.)

By using our crash test and static dog models in alignment with Federal Motor Vehicle Standards, manufacturers can be better informed about designing and marketing products that live up to the promise of crash protection to consumers and companion animals.

Pet product manufacturers interested in licensing the use of the CPS test model dogs should contact or call 800.324.3659 for details.