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ALERT – Remington® Vinyl Dog Training Dummies

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has published an incident involving a Remington Vinyl Dog Training Dummy manufactured by Coastal Pet Products.  An inflation needle was found inside of the toy.

Pet owners who own a Remington Vinyl Dog Training Dummy (manufactured by Coastal Pet Products) should carefully inspect the product.  The pet owner who found the needle in the toy, found that the toy rattled.  If you find a needle in your training dummy toy please report it per the steps detailed below.  We also recommend this rule of thumb:  “When in doubt – throw it out”.

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The pet owner’s children and dog were playing with the toy in a pool, and when the dog tore off the top of the toy, a hypodermic needle was found inside.  The dog may have incurred injury from the needle based on the pet owner’s account, however, they could not be certain.  It is important to note that the Consumer Product Safety Commission does not classify pet products as consumer products and does not normally provide oversight to the pet products industry. Center for Pet Safety applauds their disclosure of this incident.

CPSC Report Date: 12/03/2015

Report It!

Pet Owners who find needles (or other sharp objects) in their pet’s toy should report the incident immediately to Center for Pet Safety, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, your state’s Attorney General (Office of Consumer Protection), department of public health and the toy’s manufacturer.

Pet owners should thoroughly document the incident, including images and video to share as part of the report.  Pet owners should not discard the toy, or relinquish it to the manufacturer.  Additionally, if any manufacturer presents you with any paperwork to sign, Center for Pet Safety recommends that pet owners consult with an attorney so that you fully understand your rights – and those that you are throwing away by signing.

The pet products industry is a $60 Billion highly unregulated industry – and pet toys are NOT required to be tested or meet safety standards.  Center for Pet Safety feels that unsafe toys put pets and the people who love them at risk.  Pet product standards and safe manufacturing practices need to be developed to ensure product safety for anyone who comes in contact with a pet product.  Additionally, product materials need to be regulated to ensure safety.