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Investigation: Dog Teether Toy

Product complaint source:  Pet Owner “S. C.”

Product:  Dog Teether Toy

Pet owner contacted Center for Pet Safety with concerns about a toy being marketed as a Dog Teether Toy.  Her dog ripped the toy apart and inside she found metal bars.  She was concerned that a pet could be injured from a “chew toy” that had metal components inside.  The photo below was provided by the pet owner.

Center for Pet Safety mounted an investigation into this toy.

CPS Sampled the Dog Teether Toy from the retailer marketing the product.





Center for Pet Safety Photos:









CPS deconstructed the toy and found a hard plastic container on the inside that contains metal bars of varying lengths and a hammer anchored at the base of the plastic container.  This is actually a musical element within the toy.  (The hammer hits the bars to create a chime sound.)

We also examined the hang tag and found that it displayed verbiage stating the product is appropriate for 0M+.  This is reason to believe that this is not a dog toy, it is in fact a toy for an infant.  

CPS went to the manufacturer’s website and determined that this is manufactured in China and is only being marketed as a toy appropriate for infants.

Based on our research the retailer is marketing this toy as a Dog Teether Toy – however, it is not manufactured as a Dog Teether Toy.   The retailer is inappropriately marketing this product as a dog toy.








Center for Pet Safety has reached out to the Retailer to request that they pull this toy from their inventory due to potential injury to dogs stemming from the metal components within the toy.  We have not received a response from the retailer.

This is not a dog toy – it is a toy for infants being marketed by the retailer as a toy appropriate for pets.

Additional concerns:

CPS noted that the retailer’s website does not include a phone number, mailing address and only has an email address to contact for customer service.  We caution pet owners to do business only with retailers that they know and trust.  The fact that there is limited contact information and the retailer has not responded to any of our emails, leaves us suspect that this retailer may not be as reputable as they claim.

We thank S.C. for reporting this toy to Center for Pet Safety.  Her contribution to our mission has helped save pets from injury.

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