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The Center for Pet Safety offers a variety of product feedback services to manufacturers and retailers. We provide these as fee-for-service educational programs to assist interested parties in learning how to improve product performance and the overall consumer experience.

“…the Center for Pet Safety provided a wealth of information and resources to move forward to [our] end goal of providing a proven safe device for pet and owner protection.”  (CS; Product Designer)

Pre-Testing Feedback Service: 

Are you interested in taking your product to the next level?  CPS provides essential feedback to manufacturers interested in executing formal product testing.  This investment helps streamline product improvement and reduce R&D costs.

$750.00 – first session.  Includes formal feedback report and 2 – 30 minute conference calls.

$500.00 – subsequent sessions.

“Thank you so much for sharing your extremely valuable point of view, historical knowledge and precious time.  We all learned so much, and have a much clearer direction where to go from this point.”  (Retailer Pet Product Design Team)

Consumer Product Trial Service: 

Using our proprietary Consumer Trial Methodology, CPS is available to perform a qualitative product review.  Feedback comes in the form of a formal report generated from various experiential touchpoints.

The CPS Consumer Trial can help you improve the consumer buying experience, reduce returns and repackaging costs and evaluate marketing and logistics programs.

Note:  The Consumer Product Trial is for informational purposes only.  CPS Product Certification is not offered at this level.

Level 1 – Basic Consumer Trial  (Single Product): $1,250.00 Evaluates basic consumer usability (single product) and packaging feedback.

Level 2 – Expanded Consumer Trial  (Single Product):  $2,000.00 + cost/shipping of product.  Evaluates basic consumer buying and user experience.  Includes ordering process overview, initial impressions, usability, packaging feedback, general marketing.

Level 3 – Comprehensive Consumer Trial (Single product, and larger products requiring assembly):  $3,000.00 + cost/shipping of product – includes all Level 2 Services and includes reviews of online content, marketing (messaging) and use/assembly instructions critique.

If you are a manufacturer or retailer interested in bulk product feedback services or product trials, please contact CPS directly to discuss volume pricing and obtain a quote: or 800.324.3659.