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2011 Preliminary Crate Test

In 2011 we conducted some preliminary crate testing using our 55 lb. Crash Test Dog.  This video illustrates the crashworthiness of a generic wire crate.  Be advised: the footage is disturbing.

Why did we conduct this test?  Crates are commonly promoted by experts as “the safest way” for your pet to travel.  We know that is not an accurate statement.

This test was conducted using the ECE-R17 Test Standard for “Seats, their anchorages and any head restraints”.

After conducting 5 different parking lot surveys (walkthroughs to identify consumer preferences for crate travel) we found that a common crate used for travel is the wire crate.  In our surveys, these crates were typically untethered.

This test illustrated serious concerns about rear seat occupant safety.  The 55 lb. Crash Test Dog exerted enough force to break the seatback.  The test evidence indicates likely fatal injuries to the Crash Test Dog.  (The engineered, weighted and instrumented CPS Crash Test Dog was destroyed in this test.)