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You and your pets shouldn’t have to suffer because of bad pet products.

We need to cut through the marketing hype of this $70 Billion highly unregulated industry and we need your help.

The stories below are real.  We want to uncover the dangers for pet owners before they purchase something that could really hurt their pet.

Your support will save lives.

donation_story-darlaMeet Darla.
After playing with her dog toy, Darla endured a painful internal injury that required emergency surgery. During the second surgery to save her life, Darla died on the table.


donation_story-rexMeet Rex.
During his walk with his owner, the faulty clasp on the leash failed and Rex ran into oncoming traffic. He was hit by a car and ran to Steven for help. Rex died from his injuries at Steven’s feet.


donation_story-mojoMeet Mojo.
Mojo’s harness system failed to prevent him from launching when the car he was riding in was involved in an accident. Mojo was instantly paralyzed. It turned out the harness system wasn’t safe after all.



Pet Owners share why they support Center for Pet Safety:

 “Your research will save thousands of pets from death and severe injury. Every person I know allows their dog to ride freely in the car and love them like they are their kids, but without protecting them like their kids. What they also do not realize is how harmful a flying dog in the car, (like a missile) could kill them and/or their kids. Kudos to you!” (Brenda L.)

 “Glad that (CPS) exists so that my service dog can be safe and finally get to know what works and what does not before risking anyones life.” (Sundance D.)

 “As the owner of two dogs who frequently travel with me via car, I have long been concerned with their safety. I have never felt comfortable taking the word of a product manufacturer that their product actually worked as claimed. Now it turns out that the product that I did buy, did not pass the crash test performed by CPS and I will have to purchase something else. I am so glad this organization exists to protect dogs.” (MonJon)

“Grateful for the existence of Center for Pet Safety. My dog travels a lot with me in the car and the first thing I bought was a harness for their safety. I do not skimp on price and trusted that the one that I bought was the best one because the manufacturer stated the harness was tested for safety. Thanks to the studies of Center for Pet Safety I discovered that the harness I was using on my dog did not even pass the initial test (maintaining harness structural integrity for the duration of a five-second hold period). I can not imagine what would have happened if I’d had any accident while my pet was with me in the car!” (Leezet)


Center for Pet Safety is a 501(c)(3) non-profit research and consumer advocacy organization.