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CPS Certification

The CPS Certification Program was announced on July 15, 2014.

CPS currently certifies for the following products:

  • Safety Harnesses
  • Crates
  • Carriers

What are the Safety Harness performance requirements for CPS Certification?

Let’s go over some of the basics:

1.  Center for Pet Safety Accessory Item Rule:

To ensure the safety of the human vehicle occupant(s) and provide the companion animal with the best possible chance of survival the Companion Animal Safety Harness Restraint System(s) that are marketed or come with an extension tether or zipline-style product (or any add-on device that would negatively affect the excursion measurement) will not qualify for Certification.

2. Canine Excursion:

The crash test dog (CTD) excursion measurement shall be calculated from start of test (pre-test) at point z on the standard seat assembly to furthest projection point during dynamic testing.  Point of reference on the test dog is “stop” of the muzzle – the point where the muzzle meets the cranium.  Excursion thresholds are <32″ for XXS, XS, S, and Medium test dogs, and <36″ for Large and XL test dogs.

3. Hardware/Webbing Migration:

Hardware/Webbing Migration is defined as the movement of adjustment hardware (fit adjustment hardware and/or anchor point hardware) or the movement of webbing through the adjustment hardware. Each adjustment component will be inspected and measured individually. The Hardware/Webbing Migration score will be determined based on the largest hardware/webbing migration measurement determined at the culmination of the test.  There is an acceptable migration range specified by harness size.

4.  Hardware and Stitching Integrity:

Harness fit adjustment hardware and/or stitching shall not yield (break or tear) to the point of total failure. To ensure adequate restraint of a potentially frightened canine at the culmination of an accident, it is important that fit adjustment hardware and stitching retain integrity. Hardware and stitching used to join multiple adjustment straps is included in this evaluation.

If you are considering CPS Certification for your Harness Product, please note that the testing and the performance requirements are rigorous.   Manufacturers who have not performed dynamic testing on their safety harness are encouraged to reach out to CPS directly to discuss product testing requirements.

Safety Harness products that meet our rigorous requirements will be awarded a CPS Seal to place on product packaging and promote your acceptance into this elite group of performance products.  We will maintain a page on our website for pet owners to confirm your certification so they can be certain it passed our testing.

Q:  How are the certifications assigned?  Certifications are assigned by size.  All sizes of the specific product must be tested and pass the performance requirements to qualify for certification.

Q: Are there costs involved?  Yes,  because CPS is a 501(c)(3) and we are not fully funded, we require payment of an examination fee and product certification fee.  These fees vary depending on the number of sizes tested.  Please reach out to CPS directly for more details.

Q: If I pay the fees will I receive a seal?  Performance of your product is measured in a NHTSA contracted test laboratory.  Only products that pass the testing will be awarded a seal.  It is best to ensure ample due diligence before applying for certification.

Q: Do we receive video content and promotional opportunities?  Yes, you receive a copy of all data collected during testing and may use the video and the CPS Certification to promote your significant achievement.

Q:  How will a CPS Certified seal help my brand?  The Center for Pet Safety is the only independent non-profit organization working to further the safety of pet products and develop standards.  Most of the harness products on the market cannot meet our rigorous testing and performance requirements.  Products passing CPS Certification will be considered “Elite Performing Products”.  Additionally, because CPS Certification is voluntary, having the CPS Seal on your product packaging indicates to the purchaser that your company has made a serious commitment to safety – and truth in marketing.  Why wouldn’t you want your product to be CPS Certified?

Q: Do you only certify travel harnesses?  At this time, yes, since we have only completed the first test standard.  As we expand our research and standards development efforts, we will expand our certification program.  Travel Carrier and Crate Certification Programs will be announced in late 2015 and 2015, respectively.

Manufacturers interested in obtaining more information about vying for CPS certification should contact us at or contact 800.324.3659.