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Case Study – Allsafe Harness

Thank you for reviewing our 2013 Harness Testing.  Please note that upon publication of the 2014 CPS Harness Safety Standard (output from our 2013 study) we launched the CPS Certified Program where you can now find our logo on brands that meet our rigorous testing and performance requirements.  You can find those products here:  CPS Certified Program


The Center for Pet Safety selected the Allsafe harness brand for inclusion in the 2013 Harness Crashworthiness Study because of the claims of crash testing completed by the German manufacturer. This case study highlights the work completed by Allsafe and its sole US Distributor, 4×4 North America, to improve its product upon the completion of the Center for Pet Safety testing.

The Allsafe harness testing results prove that the manufacturer completed ample due diligence on the construction of its product. It performed admirably, however, because of the extension tether design, it could not keep the dog on the seat for the entirety of the test.

CPS explained to manufacturers why keeping the dog on the seat is vital for the safety of all vehicle passengers. We now know that providing your pet with too much freedom during travel is dangerous, not only for the pet, but also for other vehicle occupants should an accident occur.

In a small series of tests the manufacturer’s representative experimented with different tether lengths and finally settled on removing the extension tether on the product. By feeding the lap/shoulder belt combination through the back of the harness and restricting the test dog, the harness then prevented the dog from launching off of the seat.

Unfortunately, knowing that extension tethers increase the risk to the consumer – the manufacturer still offers the extension tethers. There’s nothing like proving crash protection through scientific testing and then ignoring the data – but that logic runs rampant in the pet products industry.

The following video content documents the harness testing progression and the performance improvements upon connection point modification:

CPS 2013 Study Crash Test: Size Large  (Head Excursion 74.4″)   Center for Pet Safety would classify this performance as a Failure.

4×4 North America Follow-up Crash Test (8/28/13): Size Large (6” tether)       (Head Excursion 53.38″)  Center for Pet Safety would classify this performance as a Failure.


4×4 North America Follow-up Crash Test (9/27/2013): Size Large (No Tether)  (Head Excursion 32.4″)