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Prevent Pet Suffocation

Bonnie Harlan started the Prevent Pet Suffocation movement when her dog Blue suffocated in a chip bag. Center for Pet Safety wants to help Bonnie educate the public about this important topic.

Pets love the smell (and taste!) of empty chip bags, and food containers. Most pet owners don’t know that if your pet gets their head stuck in a chip bag he can suffocate within minutes. Bonnie receives reports from too many pet owners who have lost their pets.

cps_paws-up_pet_suffocationLuckily there is an easy way to prevent this from occurring. You just need a pair of scissors. Simply, cut the bottom off of the empty chip bag. Bonnie has provided this downloadable infographic to Center for Pet Safety so we can help spread simple, yet practical advice on how to Prevent Pet Suffocation.

To learn more about Bonnie and her mission, please visit:

Other important tips to help Prevent Pet Suffocation
Keep ALL food containers behind closed doors so your pets can’t get to them.

CPS has received several complaints about cats getting into airtight food containers and the lids locking them inside, with very tragic consequences. Some pet owners place a heavy object on the top of the container as an added aid to keep kitties out of the food bin.

PAWS UP for Safety!!