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Test Results

Thank you for reviewing our Study Testing.  Please note that upon publication of the CPS Harness, Crate and Carrier Safety Standards (output from our studies) we launched the CPS Certified Program where you can now find our logo on brands that meet our rigorous testing and performance requirements.  You can find those products here:  CPS Certified Program


In 2011 the Center for Pet Safety conducted a pilot study to investigate the crashworthiness of pet travel harnesses. Based on the findings of that study CPS went on to complete a landmark pet travel harness study in 2013. Here are the results of that study.

2013 Harness Study Crash Test Videos
2013 Harness Study Quasi-Static Tests
2013 Ease of Use Study (Harnesses)
2011 Pilot Study

2015 Crate and Carrier Studies Press Release (June 4, 2015)
2011 Preliminary Crate Test
Small Carrier / Booster Seat Advisory

The Center for Pet Safety continues working to fund other comprehensive studies to get you the answers you need.