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You are a discerning retailer. Your clientele demands only the best for their pets – and refuse to settle for less. You have developed a trust-based business and do your best to guide pet owners to the quality solutions for their pets. But how do you know if the marketing behind the product is true – or simply hype?

Did you know that retailers can be included in litigation if a pet is injured by a product that you sold?

Center for Pet Safety is your advocate. We work to reduce risk to retailers and your customers. Our research programs and voluntary certification program help you identify the brands that meet our rigorous testing and performance requirements. All you need to do is look for the CPS Certified Logo on product packaging – it’s that easy.

We also provide you with the added assurance of the CPS Certified page on our website, so you and your customers can confirm brand participation in the program, review the test results and watch the video test evidence – BEFORE you buy.

Center for Pet Safety offers retailers some powerful tools to help you effectively engage your customers, and build on your trust-based business.

Join our mission and learn how you can support our important research programs today!