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cps-get_involved-000015194211You love your pets and that’s why you’ve stopped by to help other pet owners.  Thank you!

How can I help CPS?
1. Spread the word. Center for Pet Safety is the only non-profit consumer advocacy organization working on your behalf to cut through manufacturer marketing hype. Follow us on Facebook  and Twitter.

2. The Center for Pet Safety Certified program was designed with you in mind! Reach out to your local boutique and share our mission. Let them know that CPS Certified products reduce risk to retailers and their clientele. Don’t buy unless it’s CPS Certified.

3. Before you buy a product – are they CPS Certified?  If not, don’t shop.  CPS Certified is about product performance, about truth in marketing, about a commitment to safety.  If a brand has not made these commitments, are they worth your hard earned money?

4. Donate Today! Center for Pet Safety relies on donations from pet owners to help us move our mission forward. There are several ways to be a hero and protect pets around the globe.