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Pet Parents

Pet Parents want to keep their pets safe

When you walk down the aisle of a pet store, you are seeing a glimpse inside the pet product industry. Every year, hundreds of new items hit the shelves, each one hoping to capture your attention and your dollars. Manufacturers, marketers and photographers work together to influence your buying decision.

In this regard, the pet product world appears similar to the children’s product industry. That’s true—with one BIG exception.

When parents shop the stores for baby needs, they know that those goods meet standards and have been tested before arriving at stores. Monitoring the quality of children’s products has led to safer materials, reduced injuries and minimized accidental deaths.

Yet for pet products, it appears as though no one is paying the same close attention. Only consumables—pet food, treats, chemically made (plastic and rubber) toys and pharmaceuticals—need to meet standards before coming to market.

The pet product industry exceeds $60 billion in annual revenue with little oversight. While consumers love items that strengthen the human-animal bond, the truth is most pet products come to market without safety standards or testing.

Consumers deserve quality and peace of mind when spending their hard-earned money on their pets, but changing an industry is a daunting task. Companies, like people, are not easily accepting of change.

Center for Pet Safety (CPS) was founded to give a voice to you, the pet owner and consumer.

Our team works hard every day to get you the important information you need to protect your pets.  It’s not easy and we need funding to continue our mission.  Every person on our team is a dedicated pet parent – so we understand what is important to you.