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CPS Certified


Look for the Logo!   Center for Pet Safety Certified


The following products have been Independently Crash Test Certified by Center for Pet Safety:

Listed Alphabetically by Brand Name

Safety Harnesses:

Pet Travel Carriers:

Travel Crates:

If the product you are looking for is not listed above, it has not yet passed our testing and is not recommended.

About Revoking a Certification:

Revoking a certification is a last resort and that should speak volumes to pet owners.  When we move in this direction, we publicly state that the brand has violated terms and conditions, however, to get to this point, the brand’s activities behind the scenes are egregious and our Board and Consumer Advisory Board vote to revoke.


Saker Ascension Harness.  Due to violation of the contract terms, Center for Pet Safety revoked this Certification on 5/1/2023.


Gen7 Commuter Carrier (Owned by PetMate/Doskocil).  Due to non-compliance to the contract terms, Center for Pet Safety revoked this Certification on 12/31/2019.

This product is also private-labeled as the “Good 2 Go” Crash Tested Pet Carrier by Petco

We respectfully request that pet owners that see the Gen7 brand claiming CPS Certification, please send the link to  Thank you!

Discontinued Products: 

ZuGoPet; The Rocketeer Pack:  ZuGoPet has notified CPS that the current version of the Rocketeer Pack has been discontinued.

Participation in the Center for Pet Safety Certified program indicates a voluntary commitment by the manufacturer to:

  • meet independently developed safety standards.
  • monitor product quality control.
  • make a commitment to truth in marketing.

The testing and product performance requirements are rigorous.

Center for Pet Safety does not accept funding from pet product manufacturers, we are independent of industry and work in the consumer interest.