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Strategic Partners & Project Sponsors

As a nonprofit organization, Center for Pet Safety relies on consumer donations, grants and strategic partnerships/sponsorships to further our efforts on behalf of pet owners.  We welcome project discussions with potential Corporate Partners, Study Sponsors and industries needing pet safety analysis.

  • We are independent of the pet products industry and we do not accept funding from pet products manufacturers.
  • Interested sponsors should not be affiliated with pet product manufacturing.

Benefits of Partnership:

  • Not only will you be the hero to millions of pet owners by helping us solve problems they worry about, partnerships may lead to a significant ROI.
  • We have received world-wide acclaim from pet owners as we work to solve complex problems.
  • CPS has been featured through every major news outlet in the U.S., including several appearances on NBC Today Show, ABC Good Morning America, ABC World News Tonight, CBS, CNN, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Consumer Reports, and thousands of other outlets around the globe.
  • Social Media video content featuring the CPS mission has tens of millions of views.
  • The significant media attention generated by our work helps us to educate pet owners, improve consumer and companion animal safety and has positively impacted our sponsors and partners.

To learn more, please contact us at

Center for Pet Safety wishes to acknowledge the following for their generous support:

  • Subaru of America
  • Carolyn W. and Charles T. Beaird Family Foundation
  • Adient – Recipient: Blue Sky Grant
  • Piper’s Walk
  • Wells Fargo Bank – Recipient: Community Service Grant

Founders Circle: 

  • Lindsey A. Wolko
  • Leslie A. Wolko

Friends of Center for Pet Safety:

  • Leslie Carter
  • Bonnie Harlan
  • Gloria Jones
  • Chris and Eugene Kattak
  • D. Kehler
  • Paweenudh Suanpan


Thank you to all of the pet owners who have donated so generously.  Your commitment to saving lives is awe-inspiring.