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2018 Harness Testing – Piper’s Walk

The following testing was sponsored by Piper’s Walk and many generous pet owners.  

In 2017, Nudh Suanpan’s dog Piper was tragically killed in a car crash.  Nudh has since dedicated her free time to educating pet owners on the importance of not only using a restraint for their pets – but also selecting the proper restraining device.  She reached out to us in early 2018 to see if she could support our testing efforts.

CPS purchased many products as we were mounting this testing effort.  Nudh said that she would have likely purchased a harness from the local big-box stores, had Piper survived.  We decided to examine the performance of “crash tested harnesses” available at Petsmart and Petco to see if they held up to the marketing claims.  The videos below tell the story.

Thank you to Piper’s Walk, Modern Market and all of the other concerned pet owners who supported this testing.  You donations help us save lives.

We recommend that pet owners select from the Center for Pet Safety Certified products when selecting a travel product for their pet.  Piper’s Walk is now a retailer of Center for Pet Safety Certified Products.