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FAQs for Pet Product Manufacturers

Can we use the CPS logo on our website?  

The Center for Pet Safety Logo is trademarked and not available for use by any manufacturer without our written permission.  At this time, the only brand that has permission to use our logo in any way is Sleepypod because they have obtained a 5 Star Crash Test Rating from Center for Pet Safety.

Manufacturers may apply for certification however, the certification program will be rigorous.  CPS will announce when the certification program becomes available.

When will the harness standard be available?
Updated: July 15, 2014 – The Center for Pet Safety announced today the publication of the Safety Harness test protocol, rating guidelines and the CPS Certification Program.  Interested manufacturers should reach out to CPS ( for more information.

Does my company need to adopt the standard?
No, however CPS encourages voluntary adoption of the standard.

Why should my company adopt the standard?
CPS encourages the voluntary adoption of the harness standard by travel harness manufacturers. We spent months measuring baseline product performance of brands claiming “testing”, “crash testing” and “crash protection” so that adoption of the standard will help ensure better protection of consumers and give the best possible outcome for the pet if an accident occurs.

Our company does not feel we need to do any testing of our safety harness product. Do we need to test?
No, you do not need to test your product; however, it is highly encouraged. In the future, CPS will be purchasing off the shelf, evaluating products and holding manufacturers accountable to their marketing claims. If you choose not to test, CPS recommends you change the name of your safety harness to “distracted driving tether” to help ensure that crash protection is not implied to the consumer. Additionally, several manufacturers support the CPS mission and will vie for certification in the future and they will have a competitive edge over your untested product.

We haven’t tested our product yet, but want to learn more about how CPS tests.
The 2013 harness standard will detail our testing protocols.  Before that time, we encourage manufacturers who have not yet tested their products to reach out to CPS directly.

We have a product that we would like to submit for testing. Can CPS test for us?
CPS can provide insight to product testing services for manufacturers. While we will remain independent and impartial, many manufacturers have found our insight helpful.  To ensure we continue to serve the consumer and companion animal, we have developed some fee-for-service programs that manufacturers (and retailers) may consider.  Click here to learn more about our crash test dog licensing program.

Is it possible to hire CPS as a consultant to help us with product development?
The CPS mission is to advocate on behalf of consumers and companion animals. We must remain independent and impartial so we cannot problem solve for pet product manufacturers.  However, If you are working to take your product to the next level, we do offer a fee-for-service feedback program to help you gain insight about your product and areas that may need adjustment prior to strength testing or crash testing.

Our product did not fare well in the 2013 study, can we retest?
At this time the testing for the 2013 study is closed. We will not be retesting harnesses for this effort and the report will be dated accordingly. However, in the future, CPS will again review harness performance and since your brand was included in the 2013 study your product is a likely candidate for future evaluations and data collection efforts.  Product improvements made will be vetted by CPS at that time.  We also encourage manufacturers to test on their own. You can use the CPS crash test and static dog models to test your products through a licensing agreement.

I have developed a new innovative product that I would like to share with CPS. Can you review our design and advise us about testing?
In the past manufacturers have submitted drawings of their innovative product designs to CPS for test advising. It is important to note that CPS will not sign NDA’s for manufacturers. We recommend that you protect your design through legal means before sending any sketches or drawings to CPS for review. If a manufacturer submits a truly innovative design, CPS may reach out and discuss purchasing samples for use in our research.

Is CPS affiliated with any institutions of higher learning?
CPS is actively developing partnerships with multiple institutions of higher learning. As the partnerships are finalized, the information will be shared on our website.

We’re a manufacturer that thinks the work CPS is doing is very important and needed. How can we support CPS?
We sincerely appreciate those manufacturers who applaud the work we’re doing and recognize that our efforts not only benefit the consumer and their pets, but the industry as well. As long as the dialog between CPS and the industry remains healthy, we will continue to constructively engage those manufacturers who are interested and keep them abreast of our work. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept funding or product donations from manufacturers.