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ZuGoPet – The Rocketeer Pack

The Original (V1) Rocketeer Pack has been discontinued by ZuGoPet (ie: it is sold out).  Their team is currently working on a redesign and plan to pursue certification with Center for Pet Safety of that new model.  


Tested:  July 2017        Passed Testing:  Yes         Rating:   5 Star
Test Protocol:  CPS-001-014.01    Test Evidence: Video; Located below

Manufacturer’s Website:

Center for Pet Safety requested evidence from an authoritative expert to ensure the position of the pet was appropriate and safe.  ZugoPet’s designer had already had The Rocketeer Pack reviewed by a Veterinary Orthopedic Surgeon during their early product development stages (we commended them for their pro-active approach to safety).  You can read the letter here:  Dr Harari Ltr

ZuGoPet The Rocketeer Pack:(Rated to 25 lbs.)

ZuGoPet The Rocketeer Pack:(Rated to 25 lbs.)