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Säker Ascension

5/1/2023 – Center for Pet Safety has revoked the Saker Ascension Harness Certification.  

Revoking a certification is a last resort and that should speak volumes to pet owners.  When we move in this direction, we publicly state that the brand has violated terms and conditions, however, to get to this point, the brand’s activities behind the scenes are egregious and our Board and Consumer Advisory Board vote to revoke.

It’s important to detail that the brands that sign up for consideration for CPS Certification are required to sign a contract developed in the consumer interest.  That contract is robust and requires manufacturer transparency.
  1. Saker’s testing history indicated that they did not have good quality control in their manufacturing.
  2. Saker failed to send us production samples required by the contract.
  3. Saker modified their hardware and did not disclose that to CPS.  That’s something they were contractually required to do.
  4. Saker failed to inform us about the issue with the buckle – we found out about it from a consumer.  Saker was contractually required to notify us.
  5. We agreed to a remediation plan specified by Saker, however the remediated product samples failed multiple retests.  The failure points were inconsistent (buckles and/or adjustment hardware failed) on multiple retests.
  6. We were contacted by consumers who shared screenshots of messages shared via their social media postings stating that they were shipping new hardware.  (The hardware they referred to failed testing a few days before the date of that posting.)  We reached out to the company owner, and he confirmed in writing that the postings were not true.
We continue to see that Saker is spreading disinformation equating our certification program to lab testing.  Our program is a unique oversight model that involves crash testing, our standards and works in the consumer interest.  It is not the same as manufacturer level crash testing.