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Säker Ascension

Tested:  November 2022        Passed Testing:  Yes         Rating:   5 Star
Test Protocol:  CPS-001-014.01    Test Evidence: Video; Located below

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Säker Ascension Safety Harness
Tested:  November 2022       Passed Testing:  Yes         Rating:   5 Star
Test Protocol:  CPS-001-014.01    Test Evidence: Video; Located below

Note:  CPS has inspected the Medium/Large/XL Säker Ascension Harnesses to ensure they are constructed of the identical materials, stitching and hardware.  Dogs up to 75 lbs. that require the size M/L or XL harness, will be offered the same protection.

Säker Ascension: Small (Rated to 45 lbs.)

Säker Ascension: Medium/Large/XL (Rated to 75 lbs.)