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Crate and Carrier FAQs

Q: My dog is bigger than 75 lbs. and CPS hasn’t tested most products past 75 lbs. What am I to do to protect my dog?

A: We understand that pet owners who have larger and giant breed dogs are in a quandary. We initially set out for this effort to test to up 110 lbs. Unfortunately, when we opened the crate boxes, a different story unfolded.

The good news is that the Sleepypod Clickit Sport harness has recently been certified by Center for Pet Safety up to 90 lbs. We encourage other brands to certify their harness products with CPS.

As we move forward and are presented with viable travel options for larger dogs, Center for Pet Safety will make that a priority. Until that time, we are working to educate pet owners so that they understand the facts and the risks when it comes to hitting the road with your pets.


Q: Center for Pet Safety recommends strength rated anchor straps. Where do I purchase them?

A: Strength rated anchor straps for the 2015 Top Performing Crate are available directly from the manufacturer –

Center for Pet Safety ordered other strength rated straps for testing from US Cargo Control ( The specific strap shown in some of our testing is a 1” x 6’ Ratchet Strap w/Flat Snap Hooks. Part #2606FSH


Q: Why are the crates and carriers that received Top Performer status so expensive?

A: Manufacturers who complete ample research and development to ensure their product performs well spend a lot of money on product testing. Those research and development dollars are absorbed in the overall cost of the product. That’s why most of the travel safety products in the Big Box Retail Stores are comparatively low in cost … this level of R&D has not been performed by the manufacturer and those products are largely distraction prevention tools only.


Q: Where can I purchase the 2015 Top Performing Crate and Carriers?

A: Center for Pet Safety is not affiliated with the pet products industry nor do we accept funding from any pet product manufacturer. We have provided the links below as a courtesy to pet owners. Products can be ordered directly from the manufacturer or their authorized retailers.


Q: CPS recommends that the Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed needs something called a “PPRS Handilock”. What is it and how do I get one?

A: The manufacturer was very engaged when we notified them of a performance variation from their published test evidence. They have opted to add a small buckle device to the strap (that acts like a belt loop) to secure the top handle of the carrier. Pet owners should reach out to to learn how to acquire a PPRS Handilock device.


Q: If you have a corporate sponsor, why do you need to raise money for testing?

A: While we are very grateful to our sponsor for financial support of the crate and carrier studies, the funding is for these studies only. They do not sponsor expanded research beyond our current study. We are working to fund some very important efforts to turn an independent and impartial eye toward products like pet lifejackets, pet food and treats, pet toys…the list goes on and on.

We ask pet owners who have found our efforts helpful to simply “buy us a cup of coffee.” If only 1% of pet owners gave up their designer cup of coffee for one day and donated that money to Center for Pet Safety, we would be funded for years to come. Isn’t your pet’s safety worth a cup of coffee?

If you want to support our research efforts, we have several ways to donate:
and, your donation is tax deductible.


Q: You don’t use real dogs in testing do you?

A: Relax, Center for Pet Safety does not use real dogs for testing. We have spent a lot of time and effort working with engineers to develop our resilient test dogs −and our new Crash Test Kitty. They are superheros to us … and we hope you think so too! Woof!