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Easter Pets

Center for Pet Safety never recommends giving a pet as a gift. The commitment of pet ownership needs to be thoroughly considered and the pet owner must understand they will be responsible for that pet for the entirety of its life. Bunnies make wonderful pets, but we suggest restraint from the impulse buy of baby […]

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Valentine’s Day Treats

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. We love our pets for so many reasons.  We love them for greeting us at the door with a happy tail. For the soft purr that means “I love you”. When they understand when we don’t feel well. And, for simply just being our couch […]

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Center for Pet Safety Poison Prevention Tips

Center for Pet Safety has prepared the following information to help you keep your pets safe. Poisonings are typically accidental in nature and pet owners won’t necessarily be able to identify exactly what is wrong, because the symptoms can range from general vomiting and diarrhea to lethargy and excessive salivation.  While those are not the […]

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