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Center for Pet Safety Innovator Award 2017

In July of this year, we hosted our first awards celebration to honor the CPS Certified Brands.  Each brand received an engraved glass award for each product they voluntarily certified.  It’s a big step forward for our small non-profit organization.  We see the hard work and dedication that goes into developing an elite performing product, and we felt strongly that those brands needed to be recognized.

Additionally, this year we recognized Michael Leung (co-owner of Sleepypod) with the 2017 CPS Innovator Award.  The Innovator Award will be awarded as it is deserved (not necessarily an annual award).  Mr. Leung’s continued commitment to excellence shows in the number of products that have taken top honors in the various studies we have conducted and the number of products that have received a 4 or 5 Star safety rating from Center for Pet Safety.  Additionally, his work on their proprietary crash test dog embodies our work on behalf of pet owners.  We hope to see more pet product brands step up to serve their constituency and demonstrate the level of commitment to product safety that we see from Mr. Leung and his team.

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