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Center for Pet Safety supports ban on Water Beads

Center for Pet Safety has endorsed Esther’s Law (Water Bead Ban).

Esther’s Law is named for Esther Jo Bethard, a 10-month-old from North Prairie, Wisconsin who lost her life after she swallowed a stray water bead. These beads swell when they are exposed to moisture. They can then block the digestive tract. While these products are marketed for children, the risks also impact our pets.

Our pets are just as susceptible to the dangers of consuming water beads which could lead to immediate and costly veterinary intervention and the loss of life of our beloved companion animals. In some cases the cause of illness may not be apparent, leading to delayed intervention.

I hope you will support this effort to protect both children and pets from Water Beads.

Lindsey A. Wolko, Founder, Center for Pet Safety


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