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Pet Fire Safety Day

I was sound asleep in my chair.  As I started to wake up, I noticed an electrical smell that seemed to come from the television.  It had been having problems lately, so I got up, unplugged the TV and went back to my chair only to fall asleep again. The smell seemed to be getting […]

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Pet Loss – Caring enough to let go

It’s the worst part of being a pet owner, yet inevitable for all of us. Pet loss is an especially difficult and sensitive topic to address. Perspective from personal experience The last ten months have been devastating in my household. Over the last two years one by one, three of my four dogs were diagnosed […]

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Valentine’s Day Treats

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. We love our pets for so many reasons.  We love them for greeting us at the door with a happy tail. For the soft purr that means “I love you”. When they understand when we don’t feel well. And, for simply just being our couch […]

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