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St. Patrick’s Day Pet Safety

Ah…the luck of the Irish…Setter.

Yes, it’s St. Patrick’s Day and our thoughts turn to Green Beer, Parades, Shamrocks and everything Irish! Let’s pause the celebration for a moment to go over some St. Patrick’s Day Pet Safety Tips.

Keep Alcoholic Beverages away from Pets

Dogs love the smell and flavor of alcohol, and they will drink it if given the opportunity. Please, place your drinks out of your pet’s reach. Alcohol can be toxic to pets. Remember: No Green Beer!

Parades/Celebrations and Loud Noises can make your Pet Nervous

If you’re having a St. Patrick’s Day Party – your pets may need a break from the excitement. If the celebration is likely to be too much for your pet, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use a crate to confine them in a quite room with a distraction like a radio or television.  The familiar noises will make them feel like this is a day like any other.
  • For those pets that are prone to anxiety, you can partially cover the crate to create more of a den.
  • Soft lighting helps calm them as well.
  • Reassure your pet with a calm, soothing voice.
  • As a responsible pet owner, you must also know that if something causes significant anxiety in your pet, you may want to forego the events altogether. Use good judgment.

Shamrocks  – Pretty but Poisonous.

Shamrocks are beautiful reminders of St. Patrick’s Day but they can be toxic to pets. Enjoy their beauty, but keep them out of reach from Fluffy and Fido. The good news is that these are not the tastiest of plants and your pets won’t likely consume more than a nibble – it’s best not to risk it.

  • If your pet does consume Shamrock – consult your veterinarian immediately to evaluate toxicity risks.

Pets Wearing Green?

St. Patrick’s Day has become a popular time to dress up Fido as a furry little Leprechaun!

  • If your dog has been acclimated to wearing sweaters he’ll likely readily adapt to wearing a costume – as long as it doesn’t interrupt his vision or hearing.
  • Not all pets appreciate costumes – so understand that if he doesn’t like it – please don’t force the issue.

And if fireworks are part of getting your “Green” on:

Understand that Pet Costumes do not have to undergo flammability testing required by Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)1610. Pet products are not considered “consumer products” and therefore manufacturers don’t have to abide by the federal regulations required for human costumes. As a general rule it is wise to keep pets away from flames, fire pits, sparklers…and any other holiday item that can spark a fire.

  • If you have a very nervous pup, he is a flight risk when frightened by fireworks. Even if you take your pet into the backyard, we recommend that you leash your pet. Center for Pet Safety has received many stories about pets jumping the fence in panic from fireworks. In some cases the terrified dogs were killed when they ran into traffic trying to escape the fireworks.
  • Also please be considerate of other pet owners in your neighborhood that may not appreciate the fireworks because of a terrified pet. Be kind.

Have a safe and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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